Septimo Sentido

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Un viaje al voto latino, on Septimo Sentido magazine.

As I narrated on the page dedicated to Etiqueta Negra, in August 2008 I went on a roadtrip across the U.S. to talk to Latinos about that year’s historic presidential election.

After the trip, I wrote a narrative feature that was published in different versions in Etiqueta, a Peruvian magazine, and in Salvadoran mag Septimo Sentido (both in Spanish.)

Septimo Sentido‘s version is closer to my original submission: it’s told in the present tense and the narrator (myself) has a bigger presence. Working the same text with two different editors was a very interesting experience, since I could see how the two stories went their separate ways after several rounds of editing for each magazine.

The Salvadoran version, entitled “Un viaje al voto latino”, can be read here:

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