About This Site

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It took me a lot of time, because I did it in my free time, but I built this site on WordPress, using the free Antisnews theme — with a lot of tweaking of course.

I used many plugins, but the one that was absolutely key was WPML Multilingual CMS. Without it, I don’t know how I would have managed to make this whole thing bilingual and have the Spanish and the English sides mirror each other so neatly. (I got WPML when it was a free plugin, which it no longer is.)

Other plugins:

- WP Audio Player, which lets me showcase my radio and podcast work.

- BNS Add Widget, which lets me display the link menus you see in the footer.

- Category Page, which helped me create the Archive pages for each media outlet I’ve worked for, listing the corresponding stories very neatly, like here.

- Just One Category, which tells WordPress to display on a category archive page only those posts which are direct members of that category. Helps keep the above-mentioned pages neatly ordered.

- Single Post Template, which I used to create the breadcrumb navigation. Had to create a lot of templates, though, but that’s due to the complex organization of the site’s categories.

- Social Media Widget, which displays the nice little logos for finding me on Twitter, LinkedIn, rss and email, both on the home page and the inside pages.

- Top Level Categories, which removes the prefix from the URL for a category, so that urls are way simpler. That way, you get diegograglia.net/newspapers instead of diegograglia.net/categories/newspapers.

- Tumblrize, which I used to move my old WordPress.com blog to a Tumblr installation at blog.diegograglia.net. I had to manually “Update” every single post, but it was the easiest way I found to import from WordPress to Tumblr.

I also received help from the WordPress community forums and assorted blogs, where I found some answers to my ignorance about php. The rest, I figured out by trial and error. I’m glad it (mostly) worked.