Media Outlets

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These are some media outlets where my work has appeared. Clickable logos will lead to my stories on their websites.

» Newspapers

My stories on the Daily News website The Star-Ledger, NJ Clarin, Buenos Aires
Rumbo, Texas Hora Hispana, New York El Territorio, Posadas, Argentina

» Magazines

My stories on Etiqueta Negra magazine (Peru) My stories on Expansion business magazine (Mexico) Gatopardo magazine (Mexico)
My stories on El Mercurio's magazines, Chile Brando magazine, Argentina My work for Qué Pasa magazine, Chile
Rolling Stone, Argentina Séptimo Sentido, El Salvador Caras magazine, Chile

» Public Radio

My stories on WNYC, New York public radio. My stories on PRI's The World My radio pieces and podcasts on Feet in 2 Worlds, New York

» Web

My blog posts on Feet in 2 Worlds, New York My stories on NYC24, Columbia Journalism's digital magazine NY·DF, my roadtrip blog on Latinos and the 2008 U.S. election

» News Agencies

The Associated Press Diarios y Noticias, Buenos Aires