Rock Stars, Murderers, Crystal Meth: My Work in Magazines

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Ever since the ’90s, I have written stories for magazines on extremely varied subjects.
Etiqueta Negra, Goodbye Estados Unidos

When I was a cub reporter fresh off the bus from Misiones, I survived in Buenos Aires by writing about rock for La García, information technology for IT Market and general interest stories for Magazín Semanal.

Years later in New York, where I freelanced not because jobs were scarce but because I chose to, I wrote about the U.S. as a correspondent for Chilean magazines Caras, El Sábado and Wikén and Argentinean ones like txt or Rolling Stone.

In time, I tried to apply what I learned in James B. Stewart’s narrative writing class at Columbia J-School as I delved into writing and editing long-form pieces for respected mags like Etiqueta Negra, Gatopardo or Expansión. I later became the latter’s Editor in Chief.

My stories on Etiqueta Negra magazine (Peru) Etiqueta Negra‘s October 2008 issue carried on its cover a story I wrote about Latinos in the U.S. ahead of the historic election of President Barack Obama.
My stories on Expansión business magazine (Mexico) Expansión, where I would become EIC, asked me to write a profile of Alejandro Martí for the cover of its December 2008 issue. After losing his son to kidnappers, Martí — who built a sporting store and fitness empire — became a fiery advocate for citizen security.
My stories on Gatopardo (Mexico) › I was managing editor at Gatopardo, a narrative journalism magazine and I also wrote articles on music – Rodrigo y Gabriela’s – and politics in South America.
My work on Chilean magazine Qué Pasa › I wrote columns for Chilean weekly Qué Pasa from Mexico and the U.S. There, I enjoyed the freedom to explore news from a personal perspective.
My stories on El Mercurio's magazines, Chile › I contributed from New York to El Mercurio‘s various magazines, including weekend mag El Sábado, entertainment title Wikén and Ya, for women. Among other topics, I wrote about the Ramones, Ground Zero developer Larry Silverstein, Fernando Ferrer and companies that market to babies.
Brando magazine, Argentina › Ten years after covering it for Clarín newspaper, I revisited the case of the Yosemite Murders in this long piece about the murderer’s life and psychiatric problems for Argentinean mag Brando.
My work for Séptimo Sentido, El Salvador › A second version of the story about my roadtrip across the U.S. in search of Latinos ran on Salvadoran magazine Séptimo Sentido.
My stories for Caras magazine, Chile › For a time I was a U.S. correspondent for Chilean magazine Caras, for which I wrote stories on chrystal meth usage in New York’s gay community, America’s increasingly divisive political culture, the resurgence of Miami Beach as a cool destination and more.
Rolling Stone, Argentina › A story on then up-and-coming Puerto Rican sensation Calle 13 for the Argentinean edition of Rolling Stone.
More… › I also wrote on the second anniversary of 9-11 for txt, on wild rock ’n roll stories for La García and on teenagers who leave their families behind to try and make it big in Buenos Aires soccer clubs for Magazín Semanal.