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“Diego is one of the best journalists in Mexico—and I might say in Latin America. His professionalism is exemplary, as are his work method and journalistic ethics. His writing is clear and his work in sharpening story angles is brilliant. Working with him was a real pleasure and a permanent lesson.”

Adolfo Ortega, Editor-in-Chief, Expansión, 2010-2013

“Diego showed me that business journalism does not need to be either boring nor a sellout. It can be original, narrative and even have a sense of humor. His departure is in a way the end of an era at the magazine, being a part of which was a great honor.”

Carmen Murillo, Section Editor, Expansión


“Diego is a fantastic editor. I have worked with him in the Fundacion MEPI Periodismo de Investigacion, which I direct in Mexico City. He is a completely bilingual editor who is able to work with both languages and shape the focus of a compelling story.” October 31, 2010

Ana Arana, Director, Fundacion MEPI

Feet in 2 Worlds

“Whether in the recording studio or over Skype and Twitter, working with Diego is a pleasure and an education. As web editor of FI2W, he helped shape our project’s news site and blog, bringing strong storytelling technique and tech know-how to crafting FI2W’s own combination of ethnic journalism and online media. His own web reporting taught us what was possible when a variety of media tools (blog, photo, audio, video, mapping, social media, etc) are brought together to tell a story. Diego’s always had sharp instincts, he’s curious, he’s assertive yet always supportive towards everyone’s work. He’s a creative and resourceful reporter/editor, and to me, he embodies the attitude and skills one needs to be a digital journalist today.” October 11, 2010

Jocelyn Gonzales, Senior Producer, Feet In 2 Worlds


New York Daily News

“Diego is an all-around, multi-talented journalist. He is a great reporter, writer an editor who will produce quality work every single time. Totally reliable, his bilingual skills (Spanish and English) are truly impressive. At his young age he already has produced a considerable amount of original, engaging and relevant journalistic work of which I have no doubts there is much more to come. It is my privilege to write this recommendation for him.”

Albor Ruiz, Columnist, New York Daily News

“Over the ten years I’ve known Diego, I’ve found him to have all the qualities that mark an outstanding journalist. First and foremost, he is fully devoted to his career. He has an eye for detail, great writing skills –both in English and Spanish– and an unmatched dedication to the topics he investigates. He is knowledgeable about politics, culture and history, he is intellectually curious and energetic. Having covered politics both in the United States and Mexico, he would be an asset to any newsroom.” March 3, 2009

Pablo Calvi, Contributor, New York Daily News


Columbia University – Graduate School of Journalism

“Diego is, without a doubt, one of the most talented bilingual multimedia journalists I’ve encountered in my years at Columbia. He knows his journalism, he knows his multimedia and he can do work flawlessly in English and Spanish. He’s also a great team player and a pleasure to work with.” October 11, 2010

Sree Sreenivasan, Professor, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism