From California: A New Life At the Heart of a Revolution

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A California state of mind.

I arrived in Santa Cruz, Calif., in August 2015, fresh off an incredible couple of years as editor-in-chief of Mexico’s leading business magazine, Expansión.

The move was a family decision, which I explain at length in this post in Spanish. But basically what happened was my American wife had finished her Ph.D. and was ready to move her career forward in the U.S. So we decided to leave Mexico after seven years—and two chilanga daughters.

It was something we talked about and planned for years, so I knew the moment to quit my awesome job would finally arrive at some point.

Since arriving here, I’ve been freelancing as a consultant and editing coach for Expansión, which helped me stay in touch with some of the talented journalists whom I helped bring into the team. And I’ve started writing with some frequency again—which is fun—, covering the global revolution that is happening right in front of my eyes in Silicon Valley. I couldn’t have landed in a more relevant place at a more interesting time.

Every time I do an interview, cover a conference or meet with new sources and acquaintances, I marvel at the enormous amount of stories taking place here amidst a technology revolution with deep social, economic, even political, impact. There is an abundance of source material for me to stay very busy as a writer and multimedia producer.

I intend to cover Silicon Valley from the business angle but also the social and policy ones. Like the people at Quartz, I have my own obsessions: Income inequality, diversity in tech, business disruption and innovation, and of course Latin American trailblazers in Silicon Valley. As usual, you can follow me on Twitter and tumblr to hear more about this as it happens.