Etiqueta Negra

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Mario Córdoba, Kinston, North Carolina.

In August 2008, I launched a journalistic adventure of the kind one usually only dreams about.

Aboard the Rayo Blanco (White Lightning), a 1992 Subaru Legacy, my wife and I drove for two weeks between New York and Mexico City. Along the way, I published a live multimedia blog including tweets, videos, photos and podcasts, where I narrated my conversations with Latinos in the East Coast and the South. The project’s goal was to reflect their opinions about that year’s historic presidential contest pitting Barack Obama and John McCain and how they thought it would affect their lives.

After the trip, I wrote a narrative feature that was published in different versions on the acclaimed Peruvian monthly magazine Etiqueta Negra and the Salvadoran Séptimo Sentido.

Etiqueta‘s version ran as the cover story on October 2008, under the title: “Latin America is a hidden continent within the United States.”

- You can read it here.

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