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I joined The Associated Press in 2009 as an editor on the World Spanish Desk, based in Mexico City. Later on I became the deputy sports editor for Latin America, helping plan coverage and special events all over the region.

New York activists disappointed at President Barack Obama prepare to march on Washington. (AP Photo/Diego Graglia)
New York activists disappointed at President Barack Obama prepare to march on Washington. (AP Photo/Diego Graglia)

At the AP’s regional hub in Mexico, I fulfilled many different roles. I worked supervisory shifts as a day editor and night editor, deciding which stories to run in the Spanish service, filing news alerts, urgents and spot copy, editing features, preparing digests and collaborating with reporters and editors on both the English and Spanish services. My duties included editing general news, politics, business, science, entertainment and other stories.

As Overnight Editor, I was in charge of filing all stories on the Spanish service at the time the Western Hemisphere is mostly in bed, but Asia and Europe are up and running — and generating all sorts of news, including stories from the conflicts in Irak and Afghanistan.

When I became sports editor, I coordinated a report ranging from the major American sports (football, baseball, pro basketball) to European and Latin American soccer and also including motor sports, golf, tennis and others. I helped plan and coordinate major events, like the Copa América in Argentina or the PanAmerican Games in Guadalajara, and worked with correspondents all over the region.

On occasion, I reported and wrote my own stories, with an interest on U.S.-Latin American relations, Latin American politics and Latinos in the States. I wrote about the recent history of coups in Latin America on an analytical piece soon after the military putsch against Honduran President Oscar Zelaya; about how Latin America became estranged from the U.S. during the decade of 2000; and about Latinos’ disappointment at President Barack Obama’s unfulfilled promise of pushing for immigration reform within a year of his inauguration.

Here are some of those stories, in Spanish:

Activistas hispanas se preparan para la marcha a Washington - Foto AP/Diego Graglia

Defraudados por Obama, hispanos se vuelven a movilizar

Inmigrantes y activistas de todo el país marchan a Washington a exigirle a Barack Obama que impulse la reforma que prometió, con un "camino a la legalización" para más de 10 millones de indocumentados. [ + ]

Golpes militares son del pasado, inestabilidad presidencial no

Así como los soldados hondureños sorprendieron al presidente Manuel Zelaya en pijamas antes de expulsarlo del país, el golpe de estado de la madrugada del domingo 28 de junio tomó por sorpresa a los académicos que estudian las democracias latinoamericanas. [ + ]

Rebelión en el patio: En los 2000, Latinoamérica se alejó de EEUU

Qué diferencia que hacen diez años. A fines de los 90, casi toda América latina se alineaba con la Casa Blanca y sus ministros de Economía cumplían con fidelidad las recetas del FMI. [ + ]

Copa America Coverage, Argentina 2011

Here are some links to news and feature stories that I wrote during this tournament (also in Spanish):